April Parent Support Vol. I

Helping families and learn the messages of the Gospel is key to helping them grow closer to Christ. You can find lessons for each Sunday Gospel (and Holy Week) here.
Talking with children regularly about the Faith, especially during quiet times, is crucial to share what you hold dear. Find the tools here April Car Conversation in English and en Español). At home, you can use the April fridge page in English and en Español.
Enjoy these lessons and coloring pages to learn about the saints:
April 01 - Saint Gilbert de Moravia  / San Gilberto de Moravia
April 03 - Saint Benedict the African / San Benito el Africano
April 06 - Saint Galla of Rome / Santa Galla de Roma
April 08 - Saint Julie Billiart / Santa Julia Billiart
April 11 - Saint Stanislaus / San Estanislao de Cracovia
April 16 - Saint Bernadette Soubirous  / Santa Bernadette Soubirous
April 19 - Saint Gianna Beretta Molla / Santa Gianna Beretta Molla
April 23 - Saint George / San Jorge
April 25 - Saint Mark the Evangelist / San Marco Evangelista
April 29 - Saint Catherine of Siena / Santa Catalina de Siena
April 31 - Pope Saint Pius V / Papa San Pio V
You might also be interested in the activities for Holy Week At Home.
Here are  some fun activities for families:
Last Supper - Spot the Difference Activity
Clothespin Cross Craft Watercolor Surprise Easter Egg Art
Pysanky: Ukrainian Easter Egg Painting
Easter Season Kahoot
The Easter season continues for fifty days after Easter Sunday. Here are 50 fun ways to celebrate the 50 days of Easter!