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Saints we celebrate this month. 
February 2 Sts. Simeon and Anna
February 3 St. Blaise
February 5 St. Agatha
February 6  St. Paul Miki -  Saint Paul Miki And His Companions
February 8 St. Josephine Bakhita -- Santa Josefina Bakhita
February 10 St. Scholastica
February 14 Valentine's Day (Middle & High School Students) 
           Valentine's Day Craft for Elementary Students
February 11 Our Lady of Lourdes -- Nuestra Senora De LourdesBuild a Shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes (Craft)
February 22 Chair of St. Peter -- San Pedro
February, we dedicate ourselves to the study of the Holy Family. Find a lesson on the holy family here.
The season of Lent is just a few weeks away. Here are some excellent ways to get ready for the season. 
Here's a Lenten Deeds Chart  and Ash Wednesday Mass Journal and Coloring Page
Our Curriculum Exchange offers free lesson created and shared by teachers for teachers. Here are some ways to prepare for Lent. 
To view more of the lessons, click here.
Did you know that there is a tradition of enjoying sweets and other rich foods on Shrove Tuesday before Ash Wednesday as a way to prepare in the home for Lent? Learn more about Mardi Gras and how to make a "King Cake" (click here)
Participating in Sunday Mass is a crucial way to live the Faith. Reflecting on the Sunday Gospel is allows us to understand Christ's teachings better. With this in mind, here are the weekly Gospel lessons for February.
Recommended resources for Lesson 8: He is Not Here, He Has Risen
Recommended resources for Lesson 9: Christ is Risen, Christ Will Come Again