St. Mary ~ Phelps

Parish Mission Statement: 
St. Mary Parish is a faith community filled with the love of Jesus and his teachings. As joyful, prayerful disciples we strive through the guidance of the Spirit to peacefully welcome, joyfully love, and generously serve our families, community, visitors and wider world.



St. Mary

Parish Address: 4494 Town Hall Road ~ Phelps, WI  54554

Northern Lakes Catholic Communities Office and Mailing Address:


5001 Highway G  ~ Eagle River, WI  54521


Mass Times:

Tuesday 4:30 p.m.

Sunday 7:30 a.m.




Click on the Map above for directions, we hope to see you soon!


Meet Our Councils ~


Parish Council

Rollie Alger, Chairperson

Diane Anderson

Lynn Haarala

Glen Darton

Jill Sobiek

Dan Swiecishowski

Debra Ware (Trustee)


Finance Council

Jim Egan, Chairperson

Paul Kemppainen (Trustee)

Randy Samuelson


Building & Grounds Committee

Co-Chairperson                    Deacon Norn Mesun

Co-Chairperson                    Glenn Darton

Rollie Alger

Ron Schuerrer

Carl Ambrocius

Jim Ware

Bob Klumb

Terry Taylor




Women's Council

Co-Chairperson                    Denise Ambrocius

Co-Chairperson                    Laura Myszka

Secretary-Treasurer             Marianne Schofield


Janitorial Church Cleaning

Mary Lasowski


Church Greeter

Glen Darton

Ron Schuerrer

Bob Klumb

Terry Taylor

Lorry Haarala

JoAnn Gelling

Rollie Alger


Pianist & Choir

Lisa Duquaine                      Pianist

Laura Myszka                       Cantor

Patti Gill                                 Cantor

Lynn Haarala                        Choir

Mary Huber                           Choir

Jim Ware                               Choir

Chuckie Kemppainen          Choir

Paul Kemppainen Choir      Choir

Steve Dunphy                       Choir

JoAnn Gelling                       Choir

Paul Myszka                          Choir