St. Peter Roof Fund

As most of you have witnessed, the church has been experiencing reoccurring leaks during heavy rains and during winter/spring thaws.  Attempts have been made, but the problem has not been corrected yet.  The concern is for the unseen damage to the interior caused by the continual moisture.

Recently a committee was formed to solicit bids from three different contractors and determine which would be most successful and yet the most cost effective. 

The recommendation from the committee was to award the contract to Krause Konstruction out of Coon Valley, Wisconsin. They have 40+ years of experience in repairing church roofs and masonry.

All three contractors recognize that the root of the problem is a roof without adequate insulation and ventilation.  However, because of our high-quality shingles (50-year warranty) we can hold off on replacing the entire roof until we are closer to the life of the shingles (15-20 more years) but only if we are proactive now by:

  • removing and installing new ice and water shield near both towers
  • cutting the flashing into the masonry
  • replacing the two rubber roof sections by the towers
  • replacing the damaged vents with new box vents and
  • then waterproofing both towers and chimney
  • Krause Konstruction will also inspect and repair other portions of the roof and flashings as needed.

This repair has a price tag of $59,480. Most importantly, they guarantee that this will solve our water penetration issues. They promise a five-year warranty on materials and labor.  They require zero down and will issue an invoice when the project is completed, and we are satisfied. They are also prepared to begin as soon as the snow is off the roof.

It is most important to be aware that the roof repairs do not solve the problem but bandage it until we are closer to the lifetime of the shingles.  At that time, a more extensive roof project such as restructuring the roof to correct the insulation and ventilation deficiencies will need to be completed. That will be much more expensive and the sooner we begin to raise money for the more extensive “fix” down the road, the less impactful it will be on our budget at the time.

We have established a Roof Fund to begin collecting donations.  There will also be an opportunity on our website for online giving.  Any contribution you can make today can set us on the path to success. Please be sure to designate on the envelope that your donation is to go toward the repair of the roof. Thank you for your time and your generosity.

Together in Faith,

Fr. Ron Serrao - Pastor